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Some history...

So ladies-and gentlemen if you're interested-I decided to write about vaginal eczema because SO LITTLE is written about it! You know, in this day and age, when you're diagnosed with something, something that really, really hurts all the time, usually you do the adult thing: look up information about it. But, when it comes to vaginal ezcema, aka Fungal Jungle, there is little to be seen-anywhere. So I wanted to have a place where I could post what I found, products I've tried, and infomercials I've considered.

In this war-knowledge is power.

Here is my sotry:
Last August, while on a road trip, I started feeling funny, you know, 'down there' (hereafter called the cooter). I thought it was the long hours of sitting in the car, or possibly the night after night of great sex my husband and I shared while on the trip. Well, this feeling turned into a burn. Not just any kind of burn: but a searing, jarring burn. It never stopped. I go to the doctor when I get back, and she tells me its yeast. I take a Diflucan. I take another 3 days later. No relief. My mother, who is a doctor, comes into town. I ask her to call me in two more. She does. I take both of them. By the end of August, still no relief.
Over the course of the next few months, I saw four more doctors. I had various results, but they all said I had no yeast. They said yes, my cooter was red, inflamed, and sore looking, but no yeast. So I was tested by the usual-HPV, Herpes, and all the rest, even syphallis! All negative. Finally, doc says its time for a biopsy. We have one. And the diagnosis was vaginal ezcema.

Ok, I thought, this sounds reasonable. "What's next?" I asked my doc. She says, "Not much to do. You will live with this the rest of your life. Deal with it." Talk about depression. Burning all the time? No sex? WTF?
So she puts on a steriod ointment (see med entries).

I still burn. But I'm still looking.

I encourage people to respond if they have had issues with vaginal ezcema. Let's learn from each other.


Blogger AllyMonster said...

About a week ago my "cooter" started to itch like crazy. I went to my doctor and she said it could be vaginal eczema (and since I live with regular eczema, I wasn't too shocked). She prescribed Allegra, some sort of acne cream and another pill but I can't afford to pay for them so needless to say, I haven't used them. I've tried Cortisone (1% and 2%) and it will burn a bit at first, but seems to do the job (until I pee or shower) and then it all comes back.

But I've noticed that there is NO discharge whatsoever down in that area. It's extremely dry, itchy and burns really bad during foreplay and sex.

Do you just have burning? Or do you and I share similar symptoms?

11:45 AM  
Blogger mommygirl said...

Thnk you for starting this blog about an issue noone wants to talk about. I have the same prob and allegra and prescibed cream are little help.

5:48 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Thank you so much for blogging about this. I have had a really terrible itch since February, LAST February. It has come and gone with my cycle and every time my period comes I think maybe,just maybe it won't come back. But, it always does. I have always had eczema, since I was an infant, and cradle cap and other kinds of rashes, etc. etc. About 6 months ago, I started to get eczema on my shins again and so I decided to try the Candida diet. No dairy, no sugar, no yeast. Well, the eczema on my shins started to go away and my vaginal itch started to disappear too. When I incorporated the fruit and sugar back in, it didn't come back, but the minute I started drinking milk....WOW! I itch like crazy and I have a new patch of eczema on my arm!! So, I have cut out all dairy again and will see how things progress. I have done a little research and it is most likely an allergy to Casein, the protein contained in milk. Unlike lactose intolerance which causes bowel issues and irritability, a casein allergy causes eczema, respiratory issues and bowel irritation. I just thought I would share what I have found in case it might help someone else. Thank you again for this blog. It is nice to know we are not alone.

9:39 AM  
Blogger deeda said...

I am so glad that you have started this blog. I started having problems in 1995. they thought it was yeast so I was treated for that. It did not go away. I have been to doctor after docter and nothing. Finally one dr. did a biopsy and found nothing. He said he thought I had an allergy to something so I changed soaps and detergents and everything I could think of. Still nothing. Now 13 yrs later and still in pain I was talking to my aunt and she mentioned eczema so I thought I would look into this and so here I am. I was using this cream that would stop the itching for days but then I would forget to put it on and it would start back up. The name of it is triamcinolone acetonide cream . It is a prescription but it does also help to stop the burning and itching. Thank you all for your input reading your blogs has helped me to understand a little more.

12:34 AM  
Blogger Hilary said...

thanks so much for writing about this. i've been dealing with this problem for, oh, a year and some months now. after seeing 4 or 5 different doctors i finally got the diagnosis of a yeast infection on top of the eczema. after three months of diflucan, the yeast infection finally went away, but the eczema remains. like another commenter, i was prescribed triamycinolone acetonide, but it doesn't help. i have a sneaking suspicion it is making things worse. next i will look into food sensitivities as a possible cause.

thank you!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Eve said...

I just found this blog and I hope to add to it. I was diagnosed with Vaginal Eczema about 6 months ago. Crazy, burning, itching, the works. However, my story is this... I had a very difficult forcep delivery back in May '05. I suffered 4th degree lacerations and I'm way overdue for a vaginal reconstruction. The eczema seemed to start during a menstrual cycle when I had to sit too long in tight jeans on a pantyliner. My vagina is always "open" now because of the forceps. I'm wondering if my eczema is due to the overload of moisture that I'm subjected to because my labia doesn't close -- which surgery is going to correct. I was prescribed Triamcinolone Acetonide cream which I use VERY sparingly, but it does provide temporary relief. I'm wondering if my vaginal excretions are somehow more irritating that normal due to any diet allergy causing a chemical imbalance. I would be interested to know that. It's awful right after sex if I don't take a rinsing shower right away. I've tried wearing skirts and no panties for long stretches and it still doesn't clear up -- in fact, it gets worse. It seems best when I wear panties and looser clothing. It's a miserable condition and at 43, when there is no other eczema history in me or my family, I'm at a loss! Suggestions?

6:33 AM  
Blogger serenity said...

All I can say is I am so relieved that I am not the only one going through this. September of 2006 I moved across the country, before I left I thought I had a yeast infection so the gyn gave me diflucan and I started my road trip. Well, it never went away. I went to more doctors and they kept saying yeast infection and gave me more diflucan. (I had been having so many yeast infections in the past that I became resistant to monastat) Then they were convinced I had to have an STD, negative. I finally went to a Naturopathic doctor (9months later) and they said I actually had a bacterial infection and gave me some herbal suppositories which cleared it up for a few weeks. Then it kept coming back. So I switched to an Acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist, which again, worked for a while. But my symptoms kept slowly changing and evolving into what has most recently been raised irritated itchy skin. The only person that said it might be eczema was the acupuncturist but even she said that is one of the hardest things to treat down there. So now I'm at a loss and while it makes me even more nervous that some of you have been dealing with this for more years that I can imagine having to deal with this, I'm glad to know you are out there. Thank you.

12:45 PM  
Blogger bella said...

vit E oil is the only thing i find that helps. take a q tip and dip then swab

1:17 AM  
Blogger Alicia said...

Hey, I really would like to get some relief. I have eczema, allergies and asthma, the three things they cna't figur eout.

And now, my vagina hates me every few days and keeps me awake. I have NO BURNING. No pain, except for during sex, and it just itches so bad I can't handle it.

9:48 PM  
Blogger hannah said...

It's interesting, I have most of the same symptoms, but I've been diagnosed with vulvadynia, not eczema. However, they said the same thing about the oxalates. Hmm...

3:26 AM  
Blogger D. Dot said...

Wow! I am so late but I feel slightly better knowing there are women out there just like doctors gave me a real run around convinced I only had a severe case of yeast when it was infact eczema which I've had on the rest of my body since childhood. I scratched so bad earlier this year down there I had to be treated for secondary skin infections and just doing daily functions on a regular basis is living hell at times. My dermatologist has me on desoxmetisone but it works when it wants to and I use it sparingly because I find it tends to cause yeast infections in me, however I've become a vegetarian gradually over the past couple of months (my boyfriend is a vegetarian and suggested it might help) and I've seen and overall difference in my skin, however that crazy I wanna kill myself burn and itch still haunts me, especially after showering or taking a damn piss, thanks for this blog tho....

11:14 PM  
Blogger serenity said...

I've recently been taking 1000 mg of Fish Oil every night which has seemed to help. I have been taking them since the beginning of last month and this week I haven't had any problems, I've even been able to have painless sex! If you guys want to try this make sure it's a good brand like Nordic Naturals or Carlson's. I'm not a doctor however, so check with them first. Oh, last comment on this, I have been taking the capsule ones, at night, so less chance of burping up a nasty taste. They make lemon flavored now, so definitely give it a try.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Trish said...

I have not been diagnosed with this, but I am doing research. You see, for 8 almost 9 years I have had issues. In April 08 I had a hysterectomy because the GYNO thought the issue was an over active cervix. (creating to much discharge, keeping me moist, thus the itch and burn). Trouble is the KOHes came up negative, and yet they were throwing yeast and BV meds at me. Well, here
I am months out, NEARLY a year, and still no relief. I am SICK SICK SICK of being on a table and told well... here is a cream, pill, etc. The best I am getting right now is "do whatever keeps you comfy ". I WANT MY LIFE BACK! I have no internal itch. Just exterior itch and burn. I have spent HUNDREDS in pants, because the crotch of most KILL me and I don't like wearing sweats 24/7. (SAINT JOHNS BAY JEANS ARE FABULOUS!!! Sold at JC PENNY'S) This has literally taken over my life. I miss having sex with my hubby when I WANT. Now, we do it when we can.

I am currently taking 1000 mg vitamin C, 3 acidophillus pills daily, and 1-2 capsules of garlic daily. Drinking nothing but water for the most part, and limiting my sugar. All of this in the hopes of just making the itch/burn go away. In addition, I take baking soda baths nightly, and apply what ever cream is working that day. NOTHING IS WORKING!

Anyhow, the idea that it may just be a skin issue was NEVER offered as a possibility.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Ronda said...

I've been living with this for over a year now. It really sucks.
But at least now I know there are others.

6:12 PM  
Blogger Val said...

I have had the same problem since 2004. It all started when we were spending a lot of time at the lake. I have been on creams, anti-fungals, antibiotics because I itch so much it causes bacterial infections. It has progressed to even getting boils down there. I went to the ER the first time this last September because the boils had to be cut open and cleaned out so they wouldn't come back. They came back in October,January and again about a week and a 1/2 ago. The boils go away with the antibiotics but the itching is really bad some days. I long ago swithched to all cotton all white panties. I went to the dermatologist last Friday and he told me he thought it was eczema. He said we as americans shower too much and that if you have sensitive skin anyways after your 40's you are more prone to eczema. I have always had sensitive dry skin but no asthma or allergies (which he said were really prone to eczema). He recommended I bathe every other day with a very mild soap (dove was what he recommended)and use Huggies non-scented wipes to clean on the other days. He recommended I not even use a washcloth to clean up with as they are ruff on the skin. He gave me an antibiotic and 2 prescriptions my pharmacy did not have. One of which was over $200.00 that he needed to precert with my insurance before I can get. He also recommended I wear dresses to help get more air down there. I will try the fish oil suggestion and I have been considering getting a far infrared sauna. I am glad this support group has started.

12:51 PM  
Blogger JHuntet said...

Sometime in 2004 I began to notice my vaginal area was really uncomfortable. It was itchy, dry, and very sensitive. These symptoms got worst with time and continued for a while. I knew it wasn't an STD because I was not sexually active or even engadging in any type of sexual activity. Some way or another it finally went away;

I live with severe eczema. I've been able to control it with Triamcinolone acetonide on my face, back, and arms.

Recently I've noticed that same uncomfortableness in my vaginal area. This time I was afraid it was an STD, or a yeast infection.

I experience burning and itching sensations as well as soreness, it even looks similar to ezcema in its early stages. I don't drink enough water, and I wear a lot of underwear that could possible be irritating it worst.

Once I used the triamcinolone, it didnt burn or itch. Infact, I'm sure it'll be cleared up within a few days. the medicine is very easy to get a hold to, cheap! and effective.


11:46 PM  
Blogger Olgalcb said...

Hello everyone,
I just started to do research on vaginal eczema. Today I was diagnozed with it. I have been struggling with it for 3 years and didnt get an answer till today. Yah it sucks big time. I was told by the doc that I had yeast as well and now I have this. The doc perscribed this ointment and I have a follow up appoinment in a week.
SO here is my story. Three years ago I started to really hurt down there. I was told to change the clothes I wore, my diet, and my lifestyle. I tried that for one year and it didnt work except to get worse. I went to college in cali and of course the doc didnt know what to do. She perspribed me vaginal violet. OMG that stuff hurt so bad. It is a purple dye that is suppose to kill all the yeast! No it just killed my vagina intensely. I was laying on the bathroom floor in agony crying screaming from the pain. At this moment I am I can barely work it hurts soo much. I cant wear underwear for a long time. Just taking a shower hurts like 3 out of 4 times. These are my symptoms: burning, itching, inflamed skin, redness, breaks in the skin, and pealing.
Keep me updated on your condition.

3:44 PM  
Blogger jbug636 said...

Hi, I have been struggling with this condition for YEARS!!! Probably at least 10 years. I have never been diagnosed, because I have been to only GYN and regular md- I never went to a dermatologist. I have been on every cream imaginable, along with trying many home remedies. The Gyn suggested that it was probably vaginal eczema and prescribed trimcinolone acetonide. It worked for awhile, but never actually went away. I have been off of sugar for over two year, have been taking 3,000 mg of fish oil daily for over six months, don't wear panties, keep my vaginal area shaved so that I can more easily apply the cream, and I still itch constantly! It seems that the itching is worse after sex with my husband, I have decided I must be allergic to him!!! ( Just Kidding!) I do not have eczemma anywhere else on my body and it does not run in my family. I do not have any burning or pain- only this infernal itching that will not go away no matter what I do! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one! Thanks for this blog!!!

1:14 PM  
Blogger alisonmaryyy said...

I'm 18 years old and I'm pretty sexually active. I use condoms, but I thought that maybe I had recieved an STD from my ex-boyfriend who had cheated on me regularly.

I did a lot of research, got checked and found out that I too have eczema. I have been plagued with eczema all my life. It's almost like I get diaper rash 'down there'. It's nice to know somebody has it too, and they are sharing their story :)

12:32 AM  
Blogger ambark said...

So I'm not alone, that's a big relief! Thank you!
I just went to my gyno because of what I thought was yeast infections (starting 16 days after the first day of my period) for a year and she said it looked more like eczema. I have had eczema on my shins for approx. 4 years now, no other place until this. In addition to the itching, burning cooter I have had stiff and swollen hands and feet and sore throat/sinus itchy eyes in the mornings and horrible constipation. I am inflamed!! Now my hands are stiff all day long. My gyno is convinced that it's food allergy/sensitivities.. she has seen many women with similar issues recently so it's very real.I am going to try an elimination diet and allergy testing to try to isolate the trigger foods. I also eat really fast and fill up completely (not sure if that is part of the problem. To do the elimination diet you must go to a very basic diet cut out all trigger foods like dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, fatty meat like beef, sugar of course and caffeine etc.. see if your symptoms clear up then reintroduce foods back into your diet one at a time - you add one food like soy - eat soy in every meal for 3-4 days -immerse yourself in soy- or you may know in 1 day if you have an instant reaction. Don't eat fried tofu or refined soy, eat edamame, plain tofu and miso soup so you know you're reacting to soy and not bad oil etc..
Then you get back to zero for the next 3 days or when you feel balanced again then add the next food and so on...

I will try to let you know how it goes...

7:16 PM  
Blogger shelolajane said...

Do you happen to know of any gyno's in the los angeles area that are knowledgeable about vaginal eczema? I have been to many, but too many of them tell me just to live with it...!

9:54 AM  
Blogger ambark said...

Autoimmune Progesterone Eczema Related To Menstrual Cycles

check this out:

10:24 AM  
Blogger Tiffany said...

OMG Thank you Sarah for mentioning dairy allergy! I have noticed the same thing. Every time I ingest any dairy, my psoriasis (which is mostly well controlled) flares up. I have told people about it, only to get weird looks. Recently I have developed itching and irritation "down there." This sucks! I am going to try cutting out excess sugar and start using probiotics more regularly. I will post any progress!

2:56 PM  
Blogger dawn4acre said...

I have been to 12 gyno's since 2006, I have had the diflucan's terazols and flagyl, at first my tests were showing yeast then bacteria then back and forth with no time in between to let up and never felt better. Then it wasn't showing anything on the tests and it still burned and had tons of discharge so I had a biopsy, nothing was revealed, had all the std tests, negative. Recently I have tried a different route, went to an Internal medicine doctor thinking it must be something my body is making too much of or something and it's in the discharge. She did a FULL bloodwork run on me (never suggested by any gyno btw) I was found to be vitamin D deficient (like 80 % of america) also my estrogen and progesterone was way out of balance I had almost no progesterone, and she wants to put me on thyroid medicine. So upon researching all those things I found a common link, SKIN ISSUES. All of them, the vit D, the estrogen dominance and the hypothroid. It has given me hope. My vaginal skin issue is the burning, which has been greatly decreased by a suggestion from a vulvadynia doctor to take 25mg of amitriptilyne at night- w/in 5 days it was like someone turned off a switch with the burning- I remember clearly watching tv at 7:30 at night and all of a sudden I wasn't burning, it stopped. It is an antidepressant- but, what it does is desensitize the most sensitive nerves in the vagina, if you are lucky. What I have left to deal with everyday is a swollen rash inside which is always present, maybe just worse or better depending on what time of the month it is but always there. The rash started about 1 1/2 yrs ago after a gyno gave me estrace cream to apply up inside daily, after 8 days is when that rash started and kept creeping toward the outside. So I have my next appointment with internal med doc 1-12-10 so I will be hopefully re-tested and I will post the findings, I have been doing the progesterone cream she put me on for 3 weeks now but it will take a few months to feel any difference and I am holding off the thyroid med's since being low in progestrone makes you have hypothroidism, hoping the cream fixes it all. Fingers crossed, I also hope some of my info here has helped someone.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Soul Whisper said...

Hi, I think ozone therapy is a good thing to use in these cases. I have suffered form Candidiasis and will get what's called eczema on my hands and elbow when the toxins are released from it dying off. It will last even after active Candida infections go away, because of the toxins the body is trying to get out. I just started getting the eczema on my vulva area, and it really freaked me out, although I'm not really sexually active - only one serious relationship in the last 8 years, but still. I feel relieved to read this blog. It's been acting up with me just before I get my moon, also, and it looks just like what's currently on my elbow, except only one bump. Before, it had gotten a little scaly, too, and spread further than one bump area, just like on my elbow. Ozone therapy is amazing, though - really purifies the body. I plan to do intravenous ozone as soon as I get the money. Right now, I drink ozonated water that I make with my mini-ozone generator. I used to have to wear bandages dipped in colloidal silver on my hands they were so bad for a year or so, until the ozone pushed it all out. It got worse at first for awhile, but after about 7 months, cleared completely out. If I have a reoccurance of candida, rashes may come back on my hands a little, but nothing like it used to be.
All the best.

10:55 PM  
Blogger chay said...

Wow ive been searching all over the internet and im so happy ive found this site. last year around october ( i will never forget this day) my vagina started itching uncontrollably and i knew it wasnt a yeast infection i had no smells or discharge i wasnt having sex so i knew it was irregular. ive had eczema on various parts of my body but none worse as this or even close. ive tried hydrocortisone but it dosent all. With all the embarassment and pain it stops me from having sex like i did before. I dont let my boyfriend perfom oral sex on me anymore and it hurts so bad when he asks and i have to say no. this is a problem mentally and physically its really ruining my life. ive cried and cried night after night ive even prayed. i used to love my vagina and now i wish i could just take it off and throw it away. I hope we find something for this because surely we will all go mad and riot.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

Just before Thanksgiving I started itching so badly I couldn't even stand it. I was prescribed Diflucan and given an STD test. The itching didn't stop and I received a call from the doctor's office informing me that I had tested positive for both herpes 1 and 2. A month later, the symptoms were still present and I learned more about herpes and asked for a herpes SPECIFIC test--which came back positive ONLY for herpes type 1. Now, you CAN get herpes type 1 (oral-to-genital contact) but since my symptoms did not stop (burning, itching, a rash, cracks in the skin), I went to a dermatologist today who said there is NO WAY that what I have is herpes ... herpes doesn't last for months; furthermore I never had any sores. He thinks I simply have some kind of irritation and now I suspect that I, too, may be suffering from vaginal eczema, as Diflucan never seems to work AND I'm on a yeast-free diet. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have been in severe discomfort for MONTHS and I'm losing my mind. I'm hoping the Eucerin Aquaphor will help, but so far it's only intensified the itch ... it is, however, good to know that there may be an explanation for these symptoms.

2:17 PM  
Blogger BritBug said...

I've had a rash down there for about a year and a half. I went to 3 gynecologists who told me it was a yeast infection. Even when the culture came back negative they told me to take the stupid meds for a yeast infection. I did. Didn't work. Missed sex on my 2 year anniversary as well as valentines day and started to really really get upset. Got in at a dermatologist, who did a biopsy, gave me a stitch, which is in a great place by the way. Only hurts with every step and sitting too. I got the call this morning that it's eczema. My mom has eczema on her ankles. She told me it might move, hers started on her wrists. I'm so upset I can't even breathe right now. I'm so glad I found this and am so glad I'm not alone. Thank you to all of our patient husbands and boyfriends who aren't in it for sex. I'd never wish this on my worst enemy, and here all of you talk about it so calmly. It's really inspiring to know there are other women with this and that they're staying strong so I can too. Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I'll try what the doc gives me, then move on to all of the things listed on here.

7:25 AM  
Blogger turkeeemama said...

trying Desitin for babies... seems to help.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Erica Hildebrand said...

I too have had itching down there. A year ago I had a bacterial infection then a yeast infection. This cycle continued until it was resolved with come antibiotics. However the itch still remained. After countless visits to the doctor, I was finally prescribed boric acid and yogurt suppositories because according to a test they took of my vagina, they found I had no good bacteria and my ph level was off ( due to antibiotic use). So after using these two things, I started to clear up. However, the itching started up again. At the same time the itching started, my eczema flared up on my hands and started crawling up my arms. I've always struggled with eczema even as a baby. Well, I decided to try going off wheat and sugar to see if it would clear up my eczema. It worked! My poor hands were clear and the vaginal itching also went away! Whenever I go off the diet, the eczema and itchy vagina comes back. So I think I may have a wheat sensitivity that flares my eczema from time to time. Even though it's not fun to abstain from wheat, it is sure worth it in the long run. Also, there are so many gluten free foods and snacks out there. I hope this helps.

11:44 AM  
Blogger florasmom said...

hello all!
glad someone has taken the incentive to write a blog and create a space for women to share their struggles with this situation!
At only 22 years old, and after a two year journey of doctors, prescriptions, treatments, and tons of research... i have some to the conclusion that I have vaginal eczema.
I have struggled with eczema for my whole life (on my body), as a baby and child, and during my teens years it subsided.
Vaginally it started with burning itching ext. my GP treated me with tons of (unnecessary) antibiotics which caused more problems than it cured, I struggled for two years with itching burning ext. I also was diagnosed with BV, yeast, vaginal strep (which i was born with), ext. - honestly these two years were unbelievably hard.
Thankfully eczema started appearing on my body again, although my dermatologist thought it was psoriasis, after a skin biopsy on my back, we found it to be eczema, so it only makes since that my vaginal area is suffering from the same diagnosis.
the life saver I have found is PROTOPIC, just use a very small amount and vawwwallla it's nearly gone! it makes life and sex enjoyable again.
Also, I am in the process of getting a water softener because i think my water is aggravating the situation.
Also, has really great detergent that I use specifically for my underwear - also, only cotton undies helps (not from vicki secret, for some reason I think the dyes in their underwear made things worse, i only get them from target now)
... hope this helps! good luck to you all.

8:40 AM  
Blogger R002011 said...

Hi all,
I am having same prob, mine started about 3 years ago. Met a nice chap (sex was extremely regular) but also had a few stressful events in personal life in the 2 years prior to that (think it all just built up). It started with what felt like the worse urinary infection i have EVER had. Went to Dr's and she gave me antibiotics, it didn't fully clear up and then it flared up again (big time) the day before i was due to fly on Holiday (I HATE flying !!! Just reiterating that i think this it all gets so much worse when i am stressed / anxious). I got more antibiotics and again it didn't clear up. It was only after my sister came with me to the doctors and practically shouted at her to be more proactive that she tested a sample of urine and realised it was not bacterial infection so antibiotics were useless. I then got referred to Urologist who diagnosed me with Interstitial Cystitis (i DO NOT think this is what it is). Just to confirm my full symptoms ... Severe burning pain at all times, almost like a chemical burning like someone had put bleach down there. Redness, sore, tight skin, watery clear (and orderless) discharge. The pain was so bad that i lost 1 stone 7lbs and couldn't sleep. A cold compress did help at times. I also used petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) which does help a bit with the tight sore feeling. I only use 100% natural products in the bath and shower, i avoid products with Parabens in and that contains SLS's (SLS's is what makes a product foam up and it an irritant to some people). I am a milk, sugar and gluten addict ... i actually crave it, so would be interesting to try the Candida diet (as sometimes you crave what your body cannot tolerate - that's irony). Find it hard to find a doctor who actually cares about this, as i was diagnosed with something, they just keep saying it is that ... but i just know it isn't as the symptoms differ. I really really hope that you all find a cure for this as we all know how miserable and dibilitating this can be. I fear that my Fiance won't always be so understanding at the fact that i can only 'meet his needs' once a month or so. Only time will tell.
Good luck to you all.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Shelah said...

Glad you have this posted. My husband left about a year and a half ago and I went through intense stress, didn't eat, etc. I was always careful if I did anything with anyone, but got so freaked out because of dealing with intense itching there. I used to have eczema on my hands if I used the wrong soap, but this was crazy. It was my waist, beneath my breasts, down there, back of my knees, all that.

I went to my general doc who said it was eczema. I didn't believe her.I went to my gyn, who said it was eczema, but I insisted on STD tests. Negatives. Doc sent me to dermatologist who also said eczema. Here it is, still the issues. I get bumps if I scratch, irritation, shaving makes it worse but not shaving is miserable too. Elastic of any kind irritates me, but then who can afford elastic free underthings? I can't. I randomly look up photos of various STDs panicking always about it. Like tonight. I went back 6 months later and my gyn looked at me like I was nuts but ran tests anyway. Still negative. I feel like freak. I don't allow oral sex anymore either. It's just horrible, all of it, but so hard to get info about it. Milk intensifies it. Eggs and soy is a huge no no. Almond milk I tried, can't have that either. Dairy seems the worst really. I'm to the point again of so much irritation I end up wondering if the docs are right.

8:18 PM  
Blogger Valina said...

I am a mom of a 2 year old little girl that has been diagnosed with vagina eczema, she started to develope it at 15 months of age after using Pamper's with dry max. Bad news is that she has never gotten rid of it since. Tonight I am trying organic diapers in hopes that will help.
thank you for your blog.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Easy said...

Helen says...
I was diagnosed with eczema of the vulva last week after suffering for 6 months. The dermatologist I saw is a 'specialist' & she's prescribed yet another steroid ointment called EUVOSTATE but it doesn't appear to be working. My GP has given me AMITRIPTYLINE 10mg which apparently can reduce pain in the vulval area. I have read that alcohol can cause eczema so I've decided to go on a detox for a fortnight to see if this helps. I'm at the end of my tether & can't stand t anymore. I've tried changing wash powder, wearing cotton pants or no pants at all! No tight clothes, jeans, leggings, etc but continue to suffer. It is causing problems in my relationship with my husband & I'm very ratty with my children too because the discomfort is so unbearable! Think I'm having blood and skin patch tests next week. Beginning to lose hope.

10:33 AM  
Blogger charleymarley said...

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8:31 PM  
Blogger charleymarley said...

Thank you for blogging about this, it was really reassuring reading your comments. I am in my mid 20's, and spent my life (constantly) in-and-out of doctors who would always send me away with thrush cream. My gyno was hesitant to take a biopsy for fear of making it worse (he thought it was probably just a detergent allergy). A nurse (who thought it was an STD) referred me to a specialist who diagnosed me with eczema (no wonder the thrush creams use to make it so much worse). Funnily I don't get eczema anywhere else!
This condition has had a huge impact on my life, and it is frustrating for me to hear that other people share my story due mainly to doctors who aren't vigilant enough to read the signs. It is not fun getting your "cooter" out in front of doctors all of the time!!
It has been a few years now since my diagnosis, and I know it seems like the end of the world because it doesn't go away overnight, but I have learned to manage it really well:
1. 100% cotton underwear- no elastane blend ever! Cotton swimmers (at least on bottom)
2. Unbleached toilet paper only! It made a huge difference.
3. No soaps or chemicals at all- I wash in the shower with aqueous cream (fantastic), and I wash my clothes with plant derived or hypo allergenic washing detergent. If you get bad eczema my dr suggested putting your briefs through the rise cycle twice.
4. Keep it dry- I blow dry my 'cooter' when I get out of the shower, and when menstruating I only ever use unbleached cotton tampons, which keeps it dry and clean to avoid a 'flare'. I also have salt baths to help with this.
5. After it is dry I use a tiny bit of 'Antroquoril' ointment (prescription) which takes away the itch.
6. No waxing/ shaving/ hair removal creams! If you must, use clippers or trim the hair.
7. Always wee after you have sex
8. No tight clothes!!! This is a must. It includes stockings/tights, but if you can't live without these (like me) I just have a suspender belt and thigh highs... my boyfriend loves it :)

I found that if I follow these rules it really isn't such a big deal for me. I wish everyone all the best.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Rhino said...

Hi. I'm male, but I believe I am suffering from genital eczema as well. The pain is unbearable! The itching, cracking and burning. I've seen many different doctors and have gotten so many different opinions (jock itch, etc. etc.). I've tried nystatin cream, etc. But my doctor has not prescribed me any steroidal ointments to use down there. I do have eczema in other ares of my body too. Anyway, there is a correlation between diet and eczema. If you eat too many refined, processed white sugars, yeast and even shellfish and meat, it really wreaks havoc and aggravates the eczema!

10:45 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I have YET to be diagnosed but I've been suffering the symptoms for YEARS with no help or sympathy or clues from several doctors, gynos. Diflucan never works nor do over the counter or prescription yeast infection creams. I thought I was allergic to my husband's semen!!!!! I have a tub of eczema ointment a dermatologist gave me for eczema in NORMAL places, but now I'm getting some relief with it DOWN THERE! That's when I realized how similar this excruciating itch is to my patches of eczema on my thigh and hands and when I scratch it just BURNS and itches more with no relief! The ointment is called Triamcinolon 0.1%. And Vicodin! Should I bother with a biopsy?!

6:12 PM  
Blogger Lynn said...

hi girls, wow relief that i'm not a freak or a monster, and i can prove to my husband that i'm not just trying to get out of sex, lol. About 6 mths ago I noticed a couple of little splits in the skin on my vagina which stung when peeing, then the whole area went v red, itchy, burning and it spread to the back area between bum cheeks. I eventually got courage to visit GP who immediately diagnosed exzema and gave me cortizone cream. This doesnt actually help all the time as the area feels worse when its wet. I find the only way i can sleep is by cleaning and drying area and putting on medicated talc, this stops the itch/burn overnight. I fear this could be a long long condition!

2:48 PM  
Blogger sarah said...

Hi, a few months ago I moved house and changed doctors, I went to see the nurse about a vaginal problem and I was told I have vaginal eczema and for years I was always treated for fungal infections. I have had all the STD tests and all negative. I have never been given any advice on treatments apart from double base cream that I use for eczema on my body. so I would like to say thank you to everybody's comments, And ishall now be doing more to help my problem. Sarah

9:06 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

hi, a few months a i moved house and changed my GP i went to see the nurse through having vaginal problems, burning, skin tear and itching.I have suffered with this problem for many years and was always treated for fungal infections,I have had STD tests in the past to rule out any other problems and always came back negative. Since visiting my new GP and having more swabs and tests taken it came back all negative again and was informed i have vaginal eczema. I have suffered eczema for many years on my body but never new you could get it in the private parts. I have read many comments and they have all been very eye opening and helpful as i shall be visiting my GP again to get more support and advice as i have been given no treatment to help my viginal eczema apart from a cream and shower cream call "doublebase" it does help my skin but not down below. I would just like to say thank you for all the comments that have been posted.

9:33 AM  
Blogger sillymomma said...

I have always had skin issues...BAD...LIFE LONG!!! And the only thing that has EVER actually healed any one of them is honey...RAW HONEY! I don't now and have never had vaginal eczema, however I would think it is worth a try! When I say skin issues I mean since birth, open wounded dryness, itchy raw eczema, name it my skin has had it...and LITERALLY NATURAL RAW LOCAL HONEY HAS HEALED ME!!!

7:43 PM  
Blogger sillymomma said...


7:47 PM  
Blogger PepperParton said...


Im so glad I found this blog after 14 years of being told I had reoccurring thrush I have finally been diagnosed with vaginal eczema. I havent had a biopsy yet but Im going to request one. This has basically ruined my life I have used thrush cream on a daily basis for 14 years probably doing some pretty extensive damage to my poor foof. In the last few months its gone from being itchy to being a burny sensation.

Iv been told, Im an attractive girl with a great personality and a wicked sense of humor-Im often told by people that they cant believe Im single. Im a 27 year old virgin I have never had a boyfriend I cannot imagine being intimate with a guy it would hurt too much, Im so embarrassed that I cant even imagine telling a boyfriend about my condition. Its ruined my life.

I was diagnosed with vaginal eczema about 2 months ago my treatment so far has been aqueous cream to use when washing and canestene HC (hydrocortisine) for the itch/burn. For a couple of weeks it was a miracle I felt like a normal girl for the first time in a long time however now the symptoms are back so Im back in the doctors on wed for a new course of treatment. Im also seriously thinking about starting a Candida diet.

Its great to know there are people who have the same problem. If anyone has any help let me know and Ill do the same
Good Luck

2:39 PM  
Blogger Karina said...

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5:07 AM  
Blogger Karina said...

Its about time doctors started gathering decent information on these things, thrush, vaginal eczma, vaginal eczma from yeast etc!

I have suffered with thrush for 15 years, increasingly getting worse over the last few years. I have never had eczma. The doctor has continually sent me away with thrush tablets, shes never asked about my diet etc or referred me on to someone else. This is how lacking doctors knowledge on this subject is!

I finally managed to get thrush under control last year by doing my own research and following a candida diet. But then asif to keep my life miserable the eczma started. And it feels so similar to thrush burning that in the beginning I was treating it as thrush and taking oral tablets, pessaries etc. I was down the clinic every couple of weeks having thrush tests all negative and being told I was a hypercondriac and that theres nothing wrong with me. After all these years of thrush I am now allergic to thrush cream, so at first when the itching and pain I thought was thrush didnt stop I thought it was another reaction to the thrush cream.

Finally down the clinic I had a good doctor, she decided I had eczma and prescribed steroid cream, which worked! But a month later it was back. Unbeknown to me this cream is to be used sparingly, so I was applying loads and the pain was getting worse. I went back to the clinic and she said that steroid cream thins the skin and that now I was sore because over-use of the cream. So now Ive gone back to using E45 cream. I am also allergic to this cream when I have used it on my face in the past, but I decided maybe it would work 'down there'. Since using it the itching has gotten worse and I dont know whether I now have thrush or a reaction to the E45 cream.

I decided last week that maybe my washing powder or fabric conditioner was causing a reaction down there so am currently testing that theory, so far no joy :(

My boyfriend is sick of this and often accuses me of sleeping with other people because he doesnt understand. Im so sick of going to the clinic and having people look at my vagina. When I get a bout of thrush or eczma or whatever it is my mood really nose dives and I feel really depressed, sometimes I feel like just giving up. I hate having to tell my boyfriend its back again and dealing with his accusations, its just a horrible nightmare the whole thing :(

5:12 AM  
Blogger WLK said...

I'm so glad I found lots of people with the same problem.

I'm 17 and I have been diagnosed with eczema today.

Prior to this, I had suffered from a re-occurrence of thrush, then I left it for a while because I was scared to tell my mother that I kept itching.
When I finally did, I got checked by the doctor and she told me I had an infection of the vagina called Streptococcus.
I took tablets for this and I found out today that the infection has been cleared, but that I have eczema there.

I suffered from bad eczema when I was younger but I now have it on my hands only.
I really do not want to have to live with this itching, burning, soreness and all the other unpleasant symptoms for the rest of my life.

I haven't even had sex yet, and to be honest, I don't want my first time to be so itchy and dry!
I haven't even been able to 'do' anything with my boyfriend due to me not wanting the aftermath of it the next day.

I am getting so down from this.
It can keep me awake at night and when I sweat it makes it worse. I am a big girl anyway so it doesn't help.

I just want to be a normal teenager. :(

8:40 AM  
Blogger WLK said...

I'm so glad I found lots of people with the same problem.

I'm 17 and I have been diagnosed with eczema today.

Prior to this, I had suffered from a re-occurrence of thrush, then I left it for a while because I was scared to tell my mother that I kept itching.
When I finally did, I got checked by the doctor and she told me I had an infection of the vagina called Streptococcus.
I took tablets for this and I found out today that the infection has been cleared, but that I have eczema there.

I suffered from bad eczema when I was younger but I now have it on my hands only.
I really do not want to have to live with this itching, burning, soreness and all the other unpleasant symptoms for the rest of my life.

I haven't even had sex yet, and to be honest, I don't want my first time to be so itchy and dry!
I haven't even been able to 'do' anything with my boyfriend due to me not wanting the aftermath of it the next day.

I am getting so down from this.
It can keep me awake at night and when I sweat it makes it worse. I am a big girl anyway so it doesn't help.

I just want to be a normal teenager. :(

8:40 AM  
Blogger jennifer s said...

hello, my 3yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with vaginal eczema! she has extreme itching and irration bt no discharge! all i have been told is to cut out all perfumed products eg soap, shower gel, washing powder etc and ive been givn emulsifing oint to put on her. its not working, please any suggestions would be great!! im at my wits end...thanku

9:02 AM  
Blogger Betty said...

My daughter aged 12 has been diagnosed with this. I feel so sorry for her; it is intensely itchy and very embarrasing for her. She has tried several creams and is not using Eumovate (clobetasone butyrate) which contains a steriod. This is apparently not good as there are side effects like thinning of the skin etc. I am very interested in Ambark's comments about food intolerance as I have an intolerance to dairy. My research into food intolerance was enlightening a few years back. Anyway, I discovered that it can be inherited although the causes and symptoms can be quite different. For example, my dad had wheezing fits caused by eggs; I had perenial rhinitis caused by milk, coconut and yeast. Could it be that my daughter has this cruel eczema caused by some food? It will be very difficult for her to eliminate foods as she clearly enjoys her food, however, I think if you are really desperate (like I was with the rhinitis) you will give it a try. I notice that doctors aren't really interested in the subject, it's a minefield for them and cuts out the need for pharmaceuticals, so I suspect there is a financial reason for this. Health food shops are very helpful and supply all sorts of substitues for dairy and wheat... Has anyone identified a food intolerance with this condition and successfully sorted the problem???!!!

4:38 AM  
Blogger theoneliz said...

OMG...I thought I was ALONE suffering with an almost debilatating ITCH...I wake up early and go to sleep late only to itch....I have used a topical steroid cream w/ topicort, methol and over the counter cream called in by my derm who presecribed it for my works WELL in ALL areas and after several applications the ITCH does die down!

12:57 PM  
Blogger kartel said...

I am so happy I discovered this website-I am a 28 yr old mother of 2. I have suffered off and on over the years with vaginal issues-mostly yeast infections, a few bacterial infections. I had a pap test and it came back negative, which led me tO researching the net of vulva/labia itch. I am pretty sure this is what I have because the yeast itch is usually way up inside deep. This itch is not way up, but just around my inner lips and vulva/labia area, as well the clitoris. Are these areas where you all have been experiencing the itch?? I just tried putting raw natural coconut oil on the area, since it is also a good anti fungal and has magnificent results for other things as well. I also however will be going to my gyno to ask for another test to rule out anything else.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Betty said...

AT LAST!!! My daughter has been prescribed with an anti-histamine which she is taking 4 times a day and has given complete relief from her itching... Presumably it is some form of allergy but I don't think she could cope with an elimination diet; I have stopped using bio washing powder or any fabric conditioner in case this has an adverse effect but the TABLETS ARE WORKING! We are thankful to God for a breakthrough after so many visits to the doc; finally some REFLIEF!

1:05 AM  
Blogger Michelle's Blog said...

My 5 year old daughter and I experience vaginal eczema. Since my girl has been 3 years old she has had itching and burning down in the cooter area. Sometimes its triggered by laundry detergent or other unknowns. The best relief has been a & d ointment or balmex. It sounds strange but its been the best relief yet. We still have to take some Bendryl sometimes but not as often as we used to.
We also drink lots of water when the itching and burning starts, it decreases the burning when peeing.

8:13 AM  
Blogger hope1234 said...

Wow this is amazing! I have been suffering with vaginal itching for about 5 years. It comes and goes and I have been diagnosed with everything under the sun. Herpes, HPV, Staph, you name it they said I have it!! Only to be tested and everything come back negative. So I found this amazing doctor in Charlotte NC. She is a vaginal dermatologist (yes very reare, but they do exist) She finally told me I have vaginal eczema. Mine usually comes on from a yeast infection and can last 3-4 months. While pregnant with my son the flare up was so bed I couldnt get out of bed and I needed sleep aids for bedtime. NOTHING WORKED!!! That was when they thought I had staph and the meds for that did help for some crazy reason. Needless to say it is horrible. And to make matters worse I think my 4 year old daughter has it too now. We are going to a specialist to find out if that is the cause, but I can almost guarentee it is the problem. She has vaginal itiching and really no other symptoms. So here is what we do and it seems to help. With my daughter I use Lotrimin yes the foot cream. (It works wonders for her and you can use both types on children) Then for myself I am on Temovate cream (steroid) 2 times a day when it flares up and 3 times a week when I am not haveing symptoms. I also take Doxipen (similar to an antidepressant) This works really well in very very low doses, but it takes about 2 weeks to kick in. I am on a probiotic, plus AZO yeast pills.

Unfortunately with every flare up I find I have to use different meds in different doeses, but the key for me is preventing the yeast infections. I also find it really takes time which is so miserable, but there is not much I can do. Hopefully doctors will start realizing there is a huge problem and this needs to have more attention.

I hope you all find relief in some ways and don't let doctors think you are crazy. I went through this for years until I found someone who would listen and was not willing to give up on me. They are out there you just have to search them out. And when your doctor tells you there is nothing more they can do that is BS move on and find someone who is willing to work with you no matter WHAT!! It may take months of different meds, but there are combos that work and your dictor has to be willing to go through trial and error with you. Good luck to everyone!

3:12 PM  
Blogger NIDEMI said...

one thing that helps is Castile soaps.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Kate Glick said...

My dear girls, I have been living with this condition for 12 years. I'm 49. This is the first time I found that other women have it because after 12 years, my gynecologist said, eczema. My mother had and has it, was never diagnosed with anything and I did every test under the sun. Most doctors of full of nothing. Clueless. I couldn't walk, wear under, even during my period, couldn't sleep and the only relief I had was when I was sitting in a chair. In the beginning there were periods I couldn't sleep for 72 hours and on one particular such time, I for the first time in my life understood why some people take their own lives. I tried all that you wrote about and more, a lot more. To make a very long story as short as possible, about 9 years ago I found a dermatologist, an old timer who said "has anyone ever MADE a cream for you?" Prescription of course. The pharmacist didn't have and had to get the ingredients. They are Camphor spirit 2,4gr. Dibucane 1% ointment 60gr. Menthal Chrystal .3gr. Phenol 89% liquid .6ml Triamcinolone .5% cream 60gr. Use a dab only of this cream 4 times a day as needed sparingly. There is a catch. Although this cream changed my life in dealing with the condition, it also made my skin on my inner thighs just outside my vagina (not on my labia) very thin and loose and that's for life. But if you're truly suffering, then it's worth it, because after using it for a few years and I now know that I have eczema, it's nowhere near to what I had even though I stopped the cream. I realized that I need to wear mini pads every single day of my life(I prefer Always, the extra thin long ones) which help with the moisture dramatically. I am pretty well now with scratching bouts once or twice a week which I try to avoid because I make my self bleed. I use another cream ONLY if I can't stop myself from scratching (Butavate Cream 25gr I get it form oversees. I don't know if they have it hear. I know you can buy it online from Canada. It's for psoriasis and eczema)and it stops me, until the next time, but I am well 90% of time. I wish I had found such a place at my worst time years ago, so that I can feel someone out there with me, but at least it gives me comfort that maybe one of you will be helped with my experience. All my love to you

9:25 AM  
Blogger turkeeemama said...

My advice to all of you is to do dairy free diet. I've been miserable for years until I figured it out. I eat soy ice cream and have found many yummy cheeseless meals. You beg used to it. Seriously ...what are they doing to our food to make this stuff happen yo us and our children?! Angry!

2:30 AM  
Blogger turkeeemama said...

My advice to all of you is to do dairy free diet. I've been miserable for years until I figured it out. I eat soy ice cream and have found many yummy cheeseless meals. You beg used to it. Seriously ...what are they doing to our food to make this stuff happen yo us and our children?! Angry!

2:31 AM  
Blogger HAPPY MOM'S HOME said...

I recommend Dr. Merry Li's products for Eczema treatment. It's all natural, safe and no side effects. My daughter's Eczema condition is significantly improved after using the products for 2 weeks. It definitely worth a try!

12:31 PM  
Blogger samantha said...

ok i have had this problem for 6 yrs and like all of u have given up with doctors and resigned myself to try everything i can! it does get worse the week before my period. i use a beard trimmer to keep my hair very short and i use AQUEOUS cream it is very cheap and after i bath every night i make sure im dry before applying it stops the itch instantly so i apply when ever i need to I am going to stop dairy tomorrow to see if that helps more i am able to have sex and function normally i feel for all of you ladies these stories are real to me i have cried and got depressed but no more i refuse to let it spoil every day of my life. aqueous cream can be bought of the shelf and it has no smell or perfumes its a nice cool relief. It doesnt fix the problem but i live with it comfortably GOOD LUCK X

4:38 PM  
Blogger mrskel1 said...

Omg I thought I was the only one. Please keep posting. I have yet to find a solution I actually have a docs apoinrment this week. It's been 3 years since Iv been constantly been in pain down there

9:07 PM  
Blogger Mon said...

I am literally in tears. Last June I started feeling some mild itching down there and I thought for sure it was a yeast infection and so I went to the doc and he confirmed it, but after the treatment ended the itching continued and only got worst. I saw 5 different doctors and my gynae and no one could tell me what was wrong with me, all the treatment they gave me only made matters worst, the only relief I got was from using vagisil, it actually numbed the area so I wouldn't feel the itching as much. When I couldn't take the itching anymore I went to the hospital and there I was referred to the dermatologist. By this time my hands, legs and neck were as itchy as my "cooter". She told me it was a type of eczema called Seborrheic Dermatitis. She prescribed Prednisone (which is a steroid), ketoconazole tabs and clobetasol/ketoconazole/lac/acid cream and I got instant relief after months of struggling with the intense itch.

It is now December and I am on my third out break of this eczema thing, still have not figured out what is causing it to flair up, the doc says it could be heat or stress. All I know is that this thing has brought me the biggest and most uncomfortable discomfort in all my life, knowing that it will never be cured makes me cry every time I get an outbreak.

Thank you ladies for sharing, it sure is a relief to know I'm not alone.

12:58 AM  
Blogger nikita hills said...

hi a m in the uk i have a 5 year old daughter and since she was a baby she has been in extreme pain its getting worse she has stomach pains itchiness constant, burning everytime she goes for a wee and just in pain. its worse at night time and keeps us all up we've tried every anti biotic and cream nothing helps she's always been a big milk drinker as she didnt eat food till she was 3 she's still very fussy ive changed her to soya now but with no help she's seen every specialist going and they dont know whats wrong they have said its in our heads even thou i take her to them roar red down below she has eczema in usual places back of knees, arms and face but only mild and doesnt bother her steroid creams sting her like mad she's never used soap etc and the cleanest kid i know sometimes she has a very bad smell sometimes and has discharge a lot please someone help :(

1:41 PM  
Blogger theres hope said...

Omg! I thought i was the only one with this problem...i have tried it all to no avail or relief I've fought eczema on different parts of my body since i was 6 & now this. I've been using an organic product made for baby diaper rash & not only has the itching subsided but the burning has stopped. It's called Nappy balm from Maclaren. Heres the website & yes it's a stroller company lol! hope it helps!

9:18 PM  
Blogger jean jones said...

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9:27 PM  
Blogger megryan02 said...

I take long baths in potassium permanganate (chondy's crystals). I make the bath water quite dark purple and almost opaque. It not only helps with the itch but has cured my acne. I have recently found Head and Shoulders anti-itch conditioner to be pleasantly relieving on my scalp (haven't tried it elsewhere). The active ingredients are pyrithione zinc and eucalyptus. Also Phenergen (antihistamine) helps a bit.

8:39 PM  
Blogger megryan02 said...

You could also try Caroline's Cream (which also has a shampoo and wash, which has had anecdotally good results on infants with severe eczema.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Nikole101 said...

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11:53 AM  
Blogger Me said...

I found that applying hydrocortisone cream with a tissue once at night and once in the morning has stopped my V-eczema, after suffering from it for years. You must be consistent with the application though, that's important. I just buy the cream from Walmart, the equate brand maximum strength. Be sure not to apply too much. I wipe cream on with a tissue, then wipe again with a new tissue to remove any excess.

12:16 PM  
Blogger NoobieMe said...

For years ice dault with ezema on my nipple. Took me four doctors to find out what I had. So a few weeks later my vagina started to itch And I started to get discharge on mu cooter as well. Looked lik the same cause on my niples so I used the cream my doctor prescribed for my niples. 1% hydrocortisone. Use it twice a day And it helps, but when u stop using it And continue to itch it. It will reoccur. Other than that it helps get rid if it And discharge.

7:01 PM  
Blogger nicola roe said...

Wow I have been in pain for so long now and had no idea eczema could even form down there. I went to the docs today and thought it was a bad case of thrush, was put on antibiotics last week and was not till today when she had a look that she said to me it's eczema. Was in shock really so have come on here to see this blog which is amazing as I did not know nothing about this.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Tina Gee said...

Hi again. What I recently found out is that Noxzema, which was named that way; (No eczema)when someone went to the man that created it and told him that his eczema was cured.Through the years this information was lost and Noxzema was mainly used for sunburn. Look it up online. Your doctor won't tell you about it because they can't make money on it. It's still around, it's over the counter, it costs about $3.50 and it's harmless to use on babies and adults. Unlike the steroids they give us, that do nothing anyway except cause damage. Use as a therapy 4 times a day. There have been people that have been cured, if used consistently, especially children. If nothing else, it stops the itch instantly. I read about it onle

10:35 PM  
Blogger Aleigha said...

I have had the same issue for almost two years. Just six months ago was I diagnosed with excema. I use prescription steroid cream and coconut oil. The oil does wonders! While it is not a cure, it makes things feel much better. I highly reccomend using coconut oil.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Sibongile Zwane said...

Hi ladies I'm in South Africa and I too thought I was alone, I too have seen so many doctors but no help, my issued started 4yrs ago when I got married it has ruined my marriage big time, but what makes me angry is that nobody out there has a solution for this very very sensitive issue, I mean this is no cancer or hiv its just eczema in a place no woman should ever have it, I bath in bicarb and numbing cream and pain killers to get me through the night. I pray that God can take our suffering away, this is no life, let's share and fight this.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Sibongile Zwane said...

Hi ladies I'm in South Africa and I too thought I was alone, I too have seen so many doctors but no help, my issued started 4yrs ago when I got married it has ruined my marriage big time, but what makes me angry is that nobody out there has a solution for this very very sensitive issue, I mean this is no cancer or hiv its just eczema in a place no woman should ever have it, I bath in bicarb and numbing cream and pain killers to get me through the night. I pray that God can take our suffering away, this is no life, let's share and fight this.

11:22 PM  
Blogger helpfulblogger said...

Luckily I had a really great female GP who referred me to a female Gyno Consultant, both in the UK ( the NHS at it's best!! ) . The condition is officially called Lichen Sclerosus also similar is Lichen Planus.There's a Worldwide but UK based support organisation -
volunteer helpline 07765947599 4-6pm (Greenwich meantime ).
Also great information at
I hope this helps !!

7:12 AM  
Blogger Jojo said...

Hello, and thank you for writing this blog. I'm 17 years old and have suffered from eczema in both the vulva and anal region for 4 years. The onset occurred at age 13 after being treated for thrush. I noticed the symptom of itching never seized. It was not until i returned to the UK where my GP'could not explain the condition and referred me to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with genital eczema. Ive tried almost every emollient, steroid cream,and diet. I just feel less alone and isolated knowing there are others. Its taken a huge toll as i already suffer from anxiety and depression. Symptoms of my eczema are pain, burning, itching, bleeding and weeping. Any advice ladies?

3:52 AM  
Blogger J.Fantastic said...

Thank you for writing this piece.
I have been dealing with this for 7 years now.

I didn't know i had Eczema for a very long time. I got the occational rash patch when the weather would change. didn't think anything of it.

Then I started my career in Broadcasting... My body was covered in Eczema patches.

Shortly after i would find sores in my cooter.
I did the tests for STDs, nothing, Yeast infections, Vaginitis, you name it... the doctors found nothing!

treated my body with the usual eczema treatments.

Nothing helped with my cooter... my favorite buddy!

I needed to do something... and quick.

My mentor gave me a little bottle of essential oils with a label that read "H Away".

At that point i would try anything since it already felt like my cooter was being seared off.


2x a day for 3 days and its gone! far better than being decommissioned for weeks!

They also have a line of eczema treatments. Haven't tried them yet but please let me know how it goes!

This stuff is magic. The smell is distinct so BE AWARE. And you can't have any fun while you are doing the treatment... it will cause the other partys inserted part to feel a slight numb sensation. lol.

This stuff has helped me so much. Espcially since I love my job and i have no other choice than to be stressed out... alll the time, so I just have to be on top of my game.. for my favorite buddy's health.

I hope this has helped you all as much as it has helped me.

Its so nice to know that I am not the only one!

11:02 AM  
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Blogger MsLee said...

I have had eczema on and off most of my life. Three years ago it migrated to my vagina and anus. I have tried almost everything. Ice packs soothe the itching for awhile. I have tried prescription cortozone creams even though the doctor does not want me to use it on my vagina. I have used aloe gel, coconut oil, callendula gel (this seemed to work for the longest each day although nothing lasts all day long. Witch hazel, Eucerine for itching, and Aquapor. It comes and goes on its own accord. I am having a flare right now. It's been a week. The burning and itching are unbearable. My inner and outer labia is effected and I get blisters on my mons pubis. Of course I use only mild soap to shower with, tepid water, no fabric softeners. Vinegar in the rinse cycle and I make my own laundry soap. I wear only cotton underwear and loose clothing. At the same time I get it all over my body too. At one time I had 8 places with eczema at once. And it isn't small patches. It covers large areas. I am just looking for something to control the itching and burning.

8:09 AM  
Blogger MsLee said...

I have had eczema on and off most of my life. Three years ago it migrated to my vagina and anus. I have tried almost everything. Ice packs soothe the itching for awhile. I have tried prescription cortozone creams even though the doctor does not want me to use it on my vagina. I have used aloe gel, coconut oil, callendula gel (this seemed to work for the longest each day although nothing lasts all day long. Witch hazel, Eucerine for itching, and Aquapor. It comes and goes on its own accord. I am having a flare right now. It's been a week. The burning and itching are unbearable. My inner and outer labia is effected and I get blisters on my mons pubis. Of course I use only mild soap to shower with, tepid water, no fabric softeners. Vinegar in the rinse cycle and I make my own laundry soap. I wear only cotton underwear and loose clothing. At the same time I get it all over my body too. At one time I had 8 places with eczema at once. And it isn't small patches. It covers large areas. I am just looking for something to control the itching and burning.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Maddy Magladry said...

Hello all,
Many thanks to the OP for posting about this. It took me ages to find anything useful about my condition, and this page was amazing.

I've been suffering from vaginal eczema off-on since puberty (I am 23 now). Recently, after a new relationship, it has started to flare up more and more. I am using Elacon, a cortisone ointment (0.1 percent) for the rash and it seems to work only for a little while.

HOWEVER, using it in conjunction with other treatments seems to be effective - I feel better than I have in YEARS. My vulva is practically normal again!!

I have cut out meat and dairy from my diet, and am going easy on the sugar. I take 2 1500ml fish oil pills a day, take off my underwear as soon as I get home and of course I avoid soaps and detergents in my "area". I also use a sensitive organic laundry detergent.

As for sex, in case anyone else finds this particularly aggravating, I recommend using condoms (semen seems to cause flare-ups for me) with a very nice waterbased lubricant called PJUR - Nude. Baby oil is also a great neutral lubricant, but I've heard it might damage the condom.

I hope this helps: it is a terrible, annoying condition.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Amanda Parham said...

#1 thing all of you should be doing is going and getting allergy tested. Your body is revolting for good reason. #2 take Benadryl at night (I take two), no vagina should keep you up at night.
The itching is like no other and it does feel good knowing that you aren't alone. I suffer from eczema all over but the worst is the face and the vagina.
I did take an oral steroid for a few weeks because of my other eczema that also fixed my veczema but it came right back when they were out of my system.

8:34 PM  
Blogger Charles Runels said...

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8:43 PM  
Blogger Deanna Garcia said...

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11:42 AM  
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11:42 PM  
Blogger Nikki Taylor said...

Well like all of you I have it too. Big shocker right? Well i have had big issues down there since i got my first period so very long ago. I have chronic BV a much higher ph balance then normal so of course constant uti's yeast infections and my chronic bacterial vaginosis. This is my most recent issue down there but as of the past month I have had eczema all over hands feet stretch marks on my hips and chest i figured it may have just spread to down there because of scratching one on my hand and then wiping later on type of thing. I was dead wrong my "cooter" looks like someone took a damn needle to it 100 times. My boyfriend saw it and is terrified to touch me doesnt want to hurt me. So I have been searching remedies all over for basic eczema not just there to see if that would work too. For the past 3 nights I have had a strict routine put my son to bed draw a steaming burning hot bath add a cup of sea salt 2 cups epsom salt and a tsp of vitamin E oil and one cup of oatmeal on top of that I have been using my sons baby soap super gental and smells amazing just for shaving during a shower in the mornings but during the bath i also scrub very well with goats milk soap and again with shea butter soap both suspension formula used for making your own home made soap come in large packages i just cut out one cube of each and leave it in the shower for the next night both are great for the skin i also take biotin vitamins for hair skin and nails which work wonders i havnt itched once no burning not even when i use the bathroom! i dont know if it will eventually stop working or continue but i can finally sleep at night and have sex again and walk around in public and not run to the bathroom every five minutes to itch! hope this helps you girls i know its alot to do but with how uncomfortable it is and brutal its so worth it! Oh and be careful with the baths it is a detox salt bath so you may get a mild head ache that will go away quickly or feel light headed feel like your skin is tight things like that it is normal!

10:58 PM  
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How To Treat Yeast Infection In Women

3:18 AM  
Blogger pooja gill said...

Did someone say vaginal infections? Ugh, talk about no fun! Unfortunately, vaginal infections are a fact of life that most women will experience some time or another. Even with such common occurrences, we often make wrong assumptions and purchase products we do not actually need due to a lack of knowledge. The problem is, no one teaches us the facts! Well, no worries ladies.The RepHreshing Truth is here to empower you with the truth about vaginal infections. We are finally going to answer your burning question: What is the difference between a Yeast Infection and Bacterial Infection or Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?
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15 years ago I was given the Merena Coil, I started splitting down below and felt a constant itching going on, my gyno said it could be herpes so I went to an STD clinic, it was all negative which I had expected and then my gyno said well it could have gone away. so I went back to my own dr who said it was eczema, I had the coil removed and things got better, then I hit the menopause, my Husband at the same time got prostate cancer so there has been no sex for years and the itching started, as did discharge, throbbing, discomfort, splitting and minor bleeding, I have been frantic, seen three doctors who have done loads of tests but just said I'm very dry, but now I realise after reading all this, its eczema, why I had forgotten I don't know, I thought everything had just dried up. I have had allegy tests and gluten and dairy is one, so I am going to change my diet, take lots of oils and hope I can cure this myself. I also spent fortunes on thrush creams.

5:30 AM  
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Blogger Mel said...

Hi I'm not sure if this blog is still active after so long but my daughter is just 2 years old and suffers with eczema. Recently she's started scratching her jay jay like mad and there are tiny bumps all overy. The Dr says is eczema. I feel so bad for her and I keep praying that it goes away. She's suffered with eczema since birth but this is the first time it's affected her vaginal area.

7:46 PM  
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